Using Our Resources

The corporation allocates approximately seventy percent (70%) of its time and resources on the North Coast Church “Weekend of Service,” a large community service project. Most of the volunteers are attendees of North Coast Church in Vista, CA, and we also have community members join us! Non-profit organizations and schools that have suffered unfortunate budget cuts create a “wish list” of projects that over 10,000 volunteers tackle, completing $2M worth of improvements at 125 locations in just 48 hours. This huge undertaking is one of the most important community initiatives that the foundation pursues supporting! There are over 600 projects planned to take place at local public schools, hospitals, shelters, boys and girls clubs, and community organizations.

In addition to the “Weekend of Service,” the Corporation allocates approximately ten percent (10%) of its time and resources sponsoring low income youths to attend Christian camps to promote youth development and Christian ideals, and instilling a desire to give back to the community.

An additional 10% of time and resources will be used to engage in humanitarian and relief efforts in other countries, including Africa, through volunteers, including supporting missions trips by Christian organizations in the area.

Finally, the Corporation allocates ten (10%) percent of its time and resources developing and training Christian Churches to model the initiatives of North Coast Foundation.